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Getting Started Windows 8: Tips, tricks, and Cures to Use and Work on Windows 8

Windows 8 is the current generation operating system designed by Microsoft Corporation. It comes with wide number of features that are essentially added in it and are similar to Windows 7 system. According to the team of WINDOWS 8 TECHNICAL SUPPORT professionals, the system is designed to work in a more mobile friendly and streamlined ways.Windows-8-Support-Number

Below steps are described by a team of WINDOWS 8 SUPPORT NUMBER professionals:

Part 1 is described by using the Start Screen

  • Get access to all the tiles.
  • Next, a user is supposed to click on the live tiles.
  • Click on the Desktop tile to easily switch into the desktop view.

Part 2 is described using the Desktop View

  • Working with the new Start button is required.
  • A user needs to organize and make use of those files.
  • Get access to the desktop just like a single application.
  • Set your computer in boot process to the desktop.

Part 3 describes the process Basic Navigation settings

  • Get access to the Basic Navigation settings
  • Using of the Charms bar is needed.
  • Switch between two windows.
  • Opening up of the program is necessary.
  • Shut down all the programs.
  • Get access to multiple programs simultaneously.

Part 4 describes the process by using the basic programs

  • Open the Office Suite
  • Next, a user is required to use Mail application.
  • Use the OneDrive app.
  • Make use of the store option
  • Next, a user is required to access the Accessories menu.
  • Work with all the new printing tools.
  • Set up your custom tiles thereafter

Part 5 describes about Changing Programs, Settings, and Appearance

  • Click on the Add programs.
  • Uninstall all the programs.
  • Remove all the tiles.
  • Adjust the basic six settings carefully.
  • Get access to advanced settings menu.
  • Go and get access to the Control Panel.
  • Personalization of the appearance of your device is needed.
  • Use all extended mode.

Part 6 describes about the Gaining Better Control options

  • Setting up of other user accounts is needed.
  • Create a shutdown and then reboot the tiles.
  • Working with the task manager is required.
  • Use the parental controls to avoid getting issues in future.
  • Sync between two devices.
  • Learn about all the hotkeys.

Part 7 describes about the Setting up Security account

  • Understand the security features carefully.
  • Set up a picture password which is highly essential.
  • Use the BitLocker for security purpose.
  • Understand the high security risks involved in the syncing of devices.
  • Be careful while working with apps

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