Install Windows 8

Learn How to Use Windows 8 : Beginner Tutorials and Guide

Windows 8 is a fantastic Windows operating systems built by Microsoft. Most of its features are nearly similar toMS Windows 7, but the main advantage of using the MS Windows 8 OS is that it is developed to be a mobile and main stream operating system. For instant help contact Windows 8 Technical Support.

How to Use Windows 8

1: Deploying Start Screen

When you switch on the PC, after bypassing the sign-in and lock screens, it will launch the start screen. In the start screen, you can viewmany boxes in different sizes and colors. These are known as tiles. Tiles are similar to the icons.

2: Make Use of Desktop View

After accessing the desktop view, you can discover that the traditional start button is a bit different. You can also have the alternative to boot your PC directly to the desktop.

3: Using Simple Navigation

You can easilyaccess charms menu by pressingthe upper right corner of the mouse and dragging directly. This will launch the system time and the menu, which is useful for controlling various function of the PC.

4: Using Simple Programs

The Mail application let you easily manage all of your email accounts by integrated them in a single easy to use program. You can also able to sync the program with Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and many other email services.

You will be able to view, send, and organize all of your mail from this single program.            The MS Windows Store is anexcellent tool for searching and downloadinglatestapplications to use on your devices.

5: Getting Superior Control

You can add new users for the PC by choosing “Change PC Settings”. Apart from that the parental control feature is also useful.

6: Security Options

You can also able to create a picture password, which mergesapicture with a mouse or hand gesture, to authorizes you to log-in, instead of using a password.

Why You Should Call to Windows 8 Tech Support Technician ?


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